Aquagen has won several awards in different countries .


AQUAGEN 330ML, makes drinking water a chic lifestyle!

AQUAGEN 330ML, the first Deep Ocean Sparkling Water, is honored with iF Design Award in Packaging category in 2015 and won also several golden and bronze awards in 2015-2016-2017-2018.

Quality glass with high clarity and minimal design was chosen to perfect AQUAGEN. It is not only the designated water in many 5-star hotels and fine restaurants but it is widely adored by celebrities.

Being extracted from 662M deep Pacific Ocean, AQUAGEN has four main ocean minerals to help maintain body metabolism and regulate physical functions: Magnesium, which promotes metabolism; Calcium, which strengthens bones; Sodium, which aids in vitality regain; Potassium, which maintains PH balance.

The deep ocean bubble is easy to drink neat daily, or in a craft cocktail. You may also blend in-season fruits with AQUAGEN to a healthy smoothie which contains nutrients from fruits and trace minerals from AQUAGEN.

It is credited as the Blue Gold from Deep Ocean in 21st century by media, foodies and sommeliers.

In France the named Aquagen Deep Ocean Water the best mineral water of the world and give Aquagen the award ( Prix spécial du jury ) for the best tast and his exclusivity !!!! This contest was blind tasted under 70 other and great and famouz water brands .

"AQUAGEN was created to be the top water brand in the world. We wanted to create a sparkling water that was more than just water, but life. We spent years searching for the purest water source, the world-class manufacturing facility, and the eco-friendly packaging materials in order to achieve this goal. To deliver the image that it comes from 662m deep Pacific Ocean, we use the super clear glass from TAIWANGLASS to reflect its purity and we design the bottle with minimal details to show its elegance.

By holding AQUAGEN at your hand, you may see its exquisiteness and taste its freshness.

AQUAGEN 330ML, has been the theme to celebrating life and health. Keep your body hydrated with fine water is a good start to a healthy chic lifestyle. "Except finding AQUAGEN in many international fashion, art, and ocean-life events, AQUAGEN is committed to make a positive impact by supporting local causes, events and organizations.

Through continuous projects such as Travel the World with AQUAGEN Selfie Competition, A Taste of Lifestyle, AQUAGEN Tastings, Stay Hydrated around City Corners, AQUAGEN has rooted in Taiwan and she is ready to amaze the World with its fresh taste and versatile appearances.

Aquagen Deep Ocean Sparkling Mineral Water only available in design glass bottles of 330 ML and in black carton boxes of 24 pcs. Private label is possible .

Exclusive Available in Europe by - AQUAGEN-EUROPE - UAE
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